Emma Kurnia

This was our quick and late session with Emma.


Jakarta Street Hunting 2010

A moment ago, Fotografer.Net held an annual event that was Jakarta Street Hunting 2010. As for me, this was a quite amusing and refreshing photo hunt beside my usual photo shot. So, these are some pictures that I toke as a gift for you guys. Hopefully you can enjoy it.

Nita & Mono Prewed Photo Session

For a quite moment ago, I had a photo session with this interesting couple. They were nice and shy. But it was a great time with them.

Good Morning

I don’t know what is the idea behind this picture. It’s just a snapshot of a morning view in my house.


I upgraded my speed light from HVL 42AM to HVL 58AM. And after a cup of coffee and a few hours in a café, I decided to make a box that can be used to take picture of a product. The idea is to make some kind of light tent that cheaper and simpler of course. It’s not very easy for me. Cause these hands are so big enough so it hard to cut and glue papers and box.

After few hours of work hard cutting and glueing, the box is done.

Now, I’m going to test it. Because I don’t have something looks good on picture, so I just grabbed a lens from my dry box and my mom’s cookies. Please ignore the cookies plate. I know it’s not looks good. Here are the results.

Happy Ied 1431 H

Happy Ied 1431 H everyone! The idea is to make a happy ied card. So, I collect some stuff that can be used for the picture. Quran, glasses, kopiah, and a ketupat made from plastic. Then I arranged them based my creativity (which I lack of). So, this is the result.

After that, it’s the hardest part of making a card. It’s the words. After few hours arranging the words, I put it on the left of my picture. I admit, it’s not the words I can get. But, sorry, I’m stuck at that moment. So, voila! This is the final result.

Restart, A New Beginning

Ok. So I decided to rebuild and restart my blog after several months of emptiness. Or you can call it a temporary death. But despite of building a similar blog like previous one, I decided to build my new blog based on my new hobby. It is photography. So, if you expect some writing from me about something like my previous one, I’m terribly sorry I will let you down.

It is more than a year from the time I bought my camera, Sony A300. It’s not the most sophisticated one, it’s rather an entry level, but I think it can still fulfill my need. Then, I decided to build my system on Sony. Don’t ask me why. It will be a never ending discussion and can cause a World War III.

So, hopefully you can enjoy my picture. It’s not the best picture out there. But I think, from some point of view, it’s not embarrassing.